Is hunger 'eating' at you? Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you starting to feel your efforts are not worth the results? Feeling hopeless, frustrated and exhausted? 

These issues are very common for "dieters" who do not have a Science Based Personalized Nutrition Plan and optimal coaching. Your solution is not found in a starvation diet or spending more hours at the gym!  

The solution is to find out your WHY.  Until you know your personal "why", your journey will be dead-ended. Face it, food is way more comforting than the self-torture of diet and exercise! So, take out the guessing game, and take a balanced, scientific approach and find out what your body really needs to lose weight without all the grief! 

The solution does not include shakes, pills, supplements, powders, special drinks. With the use of real food that you can purchase at your local grocery store, to support your body, balance your hormones and lead a simpler, carefree life! 

Metabolic Balance® is an all-natural nutrition program, founded by Dr. Wolf Funfack in 2001. Using blood values, we create a personalized, individually tailored nutrition plan which specifies healthy and varied meals. The plans are based on 25 years (and counting) of medical research. We believe in good fats and wholesome proteins, while limiting carbs and avoiding sugar. 

Lifestyle changes can be challenging and a bit confusing. I am here to walk you through it step by step. Helping you achieve your optimal health through 4 phases of this program. There are 8 very important rules to support you along the way. 

The plan includes: Preliminary consultation, Blood test, Your individual nutrition plan, Explanation of your new plan, Regular follow-up appointments (3 months), Response to any questions you may have (on going). 

Ready for real Change?! Email me to start your program now!